Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Be a Paw-Paw-Pal

Provide a home for a Paw Paw Pair, Trio or...

Help re-establish this
unique, easy to grow, native tree, which is both ornamental and highly useful.

Its long leafed tropical appearance is enhanced with intriguing flowers, up to two inches across. The large mango-sized fruit is delicious, tasting like a cross between bananas and strawberry-vanilla custard. Nutritionally it’s its also spectacular, with a vitamin content that rivals citrus as well as substantial protein.

The leaf and bark extracts are used in lice remover shampoos, and for their insecticidal and anti-cancer properties that have minimal downsides. As a special bonus, they draw the attractive zebra swallowtail butterfly, whose caterpillars feed solely on paw paw leaves. Their beautiful seeds have been used in necklaces.

Participate in a bulk order of over 25.
$4 each (1/2 price). Paper pots, 6-12".
At least two are needed for fruiting, as they ar not self pollinating
Supplied by Oikos Tree Crops, Kalamazoo, MI

Order before April 11.
Send your request to Rael Bassan at
raelearth (no spam)
Include your phone, address and zipcode. Info: 773-756-5033

Pick up in early May at North Park Village Nature Center
5801 N. Pulaski, Chicago. 312-744-5472

PawPaw Particulars...

Paw Paw Page by Midfex our local backyard fruit growers club. You can usually get a taste at their October Harvest Festival.

Kentucky State University is the major pawpaw research and information center. Their PawPaw Foundation publishes a members-only newsletter.

Listen to a 57 minute talk on growing paw paws.

PawPaw Possibilities...

1) In limited space, another variety (or more) can be grafted onto a single root stock or tree, providing cross pollination for the fruiting of each.
[A premier varietal source, Peterson PawPaws in WV, was sold out for this year in early January. We may order one or two from them soon (for next year), if there is interest. They offer 6 varieties for $30 ea. plus 25% for shipping. Another option is in WA, which has 9 grafted varieties for around $25 ea. plus $12 shipping. Also Miller Nurseries, Canandaigua, NY, has 2 grafted varieties -Sunflower, & Wells (very large fruit)
$25 ea (+ $10 shipping, <$35) ] 2) ‘Espalier’ them - train them to grow in a flat plane, often against a wall or fence. As far as I could find out, neither of the above techniques have been reported for PawPaws so far. For those who can't wait for a taste, sells frozen PawPaw pulp and other PawPaw products.

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